The Magicure is a multi-wave high power precision LED based curing light for use by dentists suitable for curing any composite.

KT-50-Cutting edge wound care

A newly developed gel activated by specific lightwaves delivered by flashlight.

The Guardian

The Agilite Guardian™ ‘Ruggedized Attach Patch’ serves as a protective attachment solution for the CORE Survival helmet.


Binocular design for Luger-optik.


Coming soon.


A wearable, medical-grade wireless device to monitor vital signs.


A bike chair that un-folds into a leaning chair.

Won 2nd prize on the Designboom folding chair competition.

The Bend

A series of folding plywood fruit bowls.

The Salarium series

A limited edition series of coin based stailess steel salt shakers.


Bringing the IOT to the swimming pool.

LedSwim is working to keep the sport of swimming up to date for the 21st century by implementing user-friendly IoT technology in swimming pools. Our platform will enable users to maximize results and share the swimming experience with tens of millions of swimmers around the world.



Lili was created by studio 9is4, a collaboration between Eli Chissick & Oded Shorer.